The Wandering Wise Men started as some rhymes, evolved into a children’s picture book, grew more meaningful with the creation of a 37-day family devotional, and became even more FUN with the addition of 3 wise men plush toys to hide around the house! We created this resource to help families engage with the Christmas story in new and meaningful ways.


Context. We believe the historical, geographical, and cultural context the Bible was written in matters so much to how we understand every story told on it’s pages. Eric is a Bible teacher who leads study trips to the lands of the Bible. It’s because of his passion for contextual accuracy that you’ll notice details throughout the picture book that aren’t typically included in the retelling of this story.


Somehow the Christmas story became steeped in tradition and many children’s books simply don’t tell it accurately. We believe those inaccuracies get in the way of understanding some major Biblical truths. That’s why we created the Wandering Wisemen children’s book and family devotional, to uncover and celebrate those Biblical truths to help children fall in love with God’s word.


The Wandering Wisemen activity set encourages families to engage with this story in a whole new way. By reading the children’s book, participating with the daily devotionals and hiding and finding the plush toys around the house, children and families are going to be interacting with this story like never before-in a way we hope deepens faith, understanding, and love.